Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Virtual Box error with OSX Maverick

I just knew it would happen. I knew that upgrading to Maverick would trouble my VirtualBox. And so it was.

This is my third post on VirtualBox. I really think I should have learnt something by now. Will I never learn!

The first thing I thought I'd check was the version. The latest is 4.2.18. The version I was running was  4.1.18. So I should upgrade. That fills me with dread also.

First though I thought I'd test the Ubuntu VM I had. It worked. So that meant that VirtualBox will work with Ubuntu on Maverick, but it will not work with Windows 7 on Maverick. I'm not sure if this is good news or bad.

Uninstall the new VirtualBox, unintall the old one

Run the instal package, and when presented with the following window, run the script (see bottom right of the window).

But, you may get this error when running the VirtualBox_Uninstall.tool

So try this if you feel brave. It may be that your OSX is protecting us from Developers not identified by the App Store.
Set the Allow apps... from Anywhere. I would suggest you set this back to something more secure once finished with it.

The run the uninstall again. More errors in the Terminal Windows?

Restart OSX. Do not start VirtualBox. Retry the uninstall.

  • When the script asks you for Yes/No, type Yes.
  • When you enter your password during there is no feedback. Type the password in carefully and hit return.

There will be one feedback on the screen that looks like errors. They may not be. I can't remember what they were, something like "...forgotten". You can ignore them.
Once the uninstall script has run, then install and go.

Good luck.

Let me know if this was of any use. Thanks

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