Sunday, June 22, 2014

What is the End of line key in OSX

This has been bugging me for years. What is annoying is that I have not bothered to find the keyboard shortcut for this. How can I be so pathetic.

At work for years it's been Windows and their low-tech, low quality plastic keyboards that are easy to be snobbish about and look down on. But there are two things straight away that I miss when on my Mac keyboard: the 'go to the end of the line' key, and the '#' (I'm using a UK keyboard so I'm not sure if the key is visible on other culture keyboards). I've known the '#' for a long time but not the other.

  • # - Option and 3 together
  • end of line - cmd and right arrow
  • start of line - cmd and left arrow
  • next word - option and right arrow
  • start of page - cmd and up arrow
  • bottom of page - cmd and down arrow
Ok, so here's other ones for text selection:
  • Select text to start of line - put SHIFT with the above line selection (SHIFT + CMD + LEFT ARROW)
  • Select text to end of line - as above but with right arrow.
Try up arrow and down arrow too. They work as expected.

ha! Finally got my act together. I've been using it all day.

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