Friday, November 9, 2012

Pages 4.2 not linking to iCloud - This is not your primary account

I have Pages on my iPad and Mac mini, and also my iMac. But I have recently upgraded the OS on my Mac Book Pro to Mountain Lion and Pages and Numbers don't connect to iCloud.

I checked the version of Pages - 4.2. So that should be ok.
I tried to update it from App store and of course it said don't be silly.

I went to iCloud in System Preferences and signed in. All I saw was the oportunity to select Mail, Contacts, Calendars and Notes. What I really wanted was shown below.

The iCloud form told me that I was not logged in with my primary account. But I was.

The task is to delete the iCloud account from the Preferences and log in again.

To do this un-tick the Contacts, Calendars and Notes. Try to untick Mail but it might complain.
If it does complain go to mail and remove the mail account.
Then go to Preferences again and untick the Mail. Now remove the iCloud account by using the "-".

Now add your iCloud account and ensure you tick "Documents & Data".

Now go to Pages etc and when you start it should let you look at your iclid files.

Just the ticket.

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