Friday, October 26, 2012

Copy DVD contents to a folder on OSX using Terminal

Open, Terminal

This will give us the device names.

You will see something like:

/dev/disk1s3    13158216   12992304    165912    99%   1624036    20739   99%   /Volumes/My DVD stuff

You can highlight and copy the DVD information  using cmd C.

Copy your equivalent to this: 
/Volumes/My DVD stuff

Then navigate to the target folder (using the cd command) such as:

cd /Users/John/Desktop/my target folder/

Now we can do the copying from the DVD to where we are.

cp -rpv "/Volumes/My DVD stuff" ./
If you want it to run quietly, then leave of the v option for verbose. Then if it will only report errors to the screen.

cp -rp

Job done.

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