Saturday, July 28, 2012

Virtual box fails after OSX Mountain Lion upgrade

I just knew it would be trouble.

The lengthy upgrade to OSX 10.8 upset VirtualBox.
This is what greeted me on the restart.

So now what.
I knew I had an old version (4.1.4). And I knew deep down that upgrading wouldn't help.

I needn't have been so pessimistic because all I needed to do, was use the uninstall script.
Unlike other apps where an uninstall can be simply moving the app to the trash, with VirtualBox you run the script in the bottom right hand corner of the instal windows.

You might have a problem with the script with some errors in the terminal wind - caused by open files or some such. The easiest thing to do is restart OSX and don't run an VirtualBox versions. Then run the Uninstall tool. Then go and install VirtualBox.

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