Friday, March 2, 2012

Strategic Design - Responsibility Traps lecture by Eric Evans

This is an Excellent talk by Eric. 
Full of common sense and good observation.
The talk is essentially about using the Anti-corruption layer as a way to concentrate on the Core Domain.
Anti-corruption layer? A way of embracing the reality that often times it's better to leave the legacy system, the ball of mud, and concentrate on the new core features.

The example of what can be core domain and sub domain is excellent and simple.
Eric chose the rating feature used by Amazon and by Ebay.
In Amazon the star ratings are very handy but their business model does not depend on the feature. It is unlikely that the visitor to the site will purchase based on this feature. Maybe sometimes, but not significantly.
However in Ebay, the star rating is absolutely crucial in developing the trust between the seller and buyer. This therefore is key and is core domain.

Eric discusses the need for strategic thinking and how early design decisions have major impact on the organization and the entire development process. He uses the lens of DDD Strategic Design principles (emphasizing "Context Mapping" and "Distilling the Core Domain") to show how to avoid strategic failures and achieve strategic successes. Winning strategy starts with the domain

Work in the Core Domain - Part 4 in the book!

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